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Toyota Camroad motor homes New to Australia

ZILL 200 series                                                               CHAMP 100 series

New to Australia the beautifully equipped Toyota Camroad motor homes have everything needed for a comfortable experience on the road.The Toyota Camroad  mid size motor homes come with either 2wd or 4wd and 3 litre diesel engines and automatic transmission with overdrive for power and great fuel economy.The 4wd versions come with on demand 4wd at the push of a button.All units are equipped with Auto trans toilet and shower,Hot water service and sleep a minimum of 4 persons,Models available in all Price ranges.The Toyota Camroad cab-chassis is a special chassis type of the Dyna series Toyota to developed for conversion into motor homes.The Toyota Camroad is far superior to other midsize motorhomes as the Toyota Camroad has a one piece roof and is lighter and can cruise at 100 kmh at 2400 rpm and 110 kmh at a low 2700 rpm for great fuel economy,There really is no other choice but to choose a Toyota Camroad for smooth comfortable camping and these motor homes can be driven on a regular car licence.Another very important factor is when it comes time to resell your motor home a Toyota will always fetch premium prices.ExportNippon is the exclusive dealer for these units and taking orders now click  HERE  for more information.We will no longer be selling Isuzu elfs as the Toyota Camroad is a far superior unit.

We have a motor home for every budget.Click on  dots below photos for more pictures of other units.

 ZILL 100 series below click photo for more information

200 Series Toyota Camroad LEO model 









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